hey… I guess I finally found out why everyone was giving me the cold shoulder today… my instincts have proven me right yet again… maybe I should have kept myself one a low tone in prevent future happenings of this sort occuring again… anyways… I’m still trying to adapt and when friends ask me if I cam adapting well in NYP – my answer would always be a yes.. when in fact I have been given the cold treatment afterall though I just showed the hack-care attitude… but deep in me i am as fragile as ever…

The good thing is I did not thought about commiting suicide over such a tribal matter coz I see no point into doing so afterall.. It will only make some people feel guity at the end of the light if they think they are guilt.

Somehow, I feel that my classmates are just not willing to voice out their feelings… afterall.. I would hope that they could tell me off whenever necessary instead of shunning away which will just only make things worse… another thing is that I understand they did not like me calling them aunty this and that coz … i guess they just hate it… (can’t be help when I’m used to using this salutation on women i do not know) and as for disturbing them too much… that I am working on reducing it now… and as a know-it-all… I must say… I learn to share since the day I started to join Spotlight… thus that will not change… moreover, I’ll just keep to myself and only share with my lecturer since the people in class aren’t too happy with me sharing with them… as from the way my leader told me from what they have voice out after our clinical today…


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  1. You’ve made a few errors:
    1) kept myself one a low tone– huh?
    2) did not think, not thought
    3) it’s trivial, not tribal
    4) if they think they are guiltY

    With regards to the “aunty” issue, I don’t get it at all. You say you’re used to calling all women you do not know “aunty”. Haven’t you gotten feedback from others about how weird that is? You must know the names of your classmates (they’re your classmates, not complete strangers) which begs the question, “What’s so difficult about calling them by their names?” Do you call your teachers “aunty” too? I doubt it. And it IS something that can be helped. You can try using their names for one, and remove the word “aunty” from your vocabulary.
    Do you really think you’d rather your classmates voice out their opinions? Do you think you can handle whatever comments they may have? Or more importantly, do you think that will make things any better? Will you, for instance, stop annoying them if they tell you to? Of cos, that’s only an example. If you think it’ll help you, why not just let your class know? I don’t know you well so I can’t say/help much..just airing my views.


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