hmm… went out with Jas today to get her Anniversary Cake for her and her bf… they will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary this weekend… it’s kinda belated i think coz they have been dating for 2yrs 2 mth liaoz…

Then saw the school clerk while we were on our way back from TM… she was with her daughter and tap me on the arm saying “Ur Gf ar??” Then I just told her… “No lar, she’s not my gf…! I’m still single…”

Went around TM and CS with her to shop for gifts for her Mum too… Looks like she is a very filial daughter… anyways, I can see that she misses her Bf a lot… coz he has been serving the NS for about 2 mths already… and he wasn’t back for the last 2 fortnight due to out camp traning…

Anyways… in the morning went to class in pink top… got mixed responses from classmates about my pink top… basically, there were more ok than not… anyways… this marks the beginning of wearing pink to school … haha… anyways now Pink is in fashion for men too… just that you need that “dare to try” ego to wear… but still not all men are suited to wear pink…

Also, collected my uniform today… very happy that i have finally gotten my Nurse’s uniform and will be ready for attachment… now I guess.. next week i will begin my studies in full swing… 🙂



  1. (^o^): u stil like ur that girl-frenz? they had stead for 2 yrs n 2 mths liao.. so, what kind of gals interested u n disgested u? i’m so sorry to sae so but i really dun like guys to wear pink colour clothes. i think it make them look C.C.. if a hunk wear it den it’s another words liao.. so i think most of your classmates would not sae it’s ok..


  2. =) I agree wif e gal hu put tis logo (^o^): …. Wear Pink color clothes ish the mst c.c guy i ever met..
    Y u wear tat color.. Its the mst UGLY color on you.. think of beta colors… But hor, alll the colors dun really look gd on you..

    And tat time u wear sleeveless, no taste. U ve no Muscles to show..


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