Wonder why i’m feelin bored now… maybe becoz the holidays are here and i’m not exactly looking forward to the no school days… lolz… now that i am no longer working… i just don’t know what to do now to fill up the void… anyways… i prolly be writing some stories.. Not too sure as yet..

Hmm.. there were lot’s of happenings in school today… basically, I’m very happy that everyone has cleared the TPR BP skills test and right now… i do hope that I can get back on track for my studies since I no longer longed to go into a relationship as of now… I guess, things just aren’t right for any relationships to exist … it’s more like a war lost… to love… haha… no longer feel like loving anyone… though i have no thought about giving up love at this moment… but… there is a likelyhood sooner or later… when the world turns on the evil eyes… haha… sounds bad… wonder why too…

basically… I’m looking forward to swimming under the baking hot sun on the weekdays… to keep myself fit as well as to get tanner… will also be working on clearing my little financial crisis which has just surfaced due to over budgeting again…



  1. ever thought about this: perhaps love doesn’t exist at all and we’re just making it up, spinning the web to ensnare ourselves and in the end, waste away pining for The One


  2. from the way u r toking, i think that’s something happen to you when u r in school tat day right? i think u better give up the thoughts of chasing that gal, since u mention that e gal doesn’t love u any more.. if u continue to have this thought, it will affect ur studies.. if u 2 so, it will only make tat gal, hate u even more, so wad’s the point right?


  3. Woww!!! seen most of Ur blog, is ur classmate realli that bad?? You seldom buy clothing is it?? You sounded so Happy when you bought TWO gio clothes… maybe you are those who don’t shop, for a 18 yr old, fashion is important!! i agree poly life is tough, maybe you should change your style.. or maybe Ur attitude.. Don’t you think SO??


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