hiya! Went shopping today with Lucas around City Hall area… Kinda… like breathing the fresh air… along the Singapore River as we chatted abt our problems… in school etc… Anyways… I feel that sometimes it just feels great to be out with old friends to catch up a bit… since we have not been outing for like 1 month or so… with one another busy with school… (if i’m not mistaken)

He bought a swatch watch today… and i was looking at the new designs released not too long ago… coz i have not been able to find the time to admire the watches from Swatch for a while now… I used to wear Swatch watches back in my Secondary Years… but now, i’ve stopped wearing them completely at least for now… coz of the durability with me always dropping the swatches… they are no doubt long lasting to speak of…

The whole Suntec City Mall was full of people streaming in from all walks of live… am also not sure for what…. anyways, saw Ben Tan (Dept. Manager) from Furnishings with his family… haha…

Anyways, that set me to think why has he been taking MC from work… when his son looks just like normal kids… haiz… somehow things are hard to say though… afterall… I’m not in the position to say a thing… anyways, on 15 Aug, I should will most likely be out of Singapore… for a dinner… still yet to confirm whether I’ll be going… haha… My ex-boss is giving us a treat…

hmm, I think I have a much clearer picture of what I really want and what i should do after talking to Carlen today, before heading down to City Hall to meet Lucas…

anyways, one thing i have to strss to all ppl who are in my class is… “Somethings are meant for the eyes to read, and the hands to reply”…


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