hmm… was discussing with my mum abt the sponsorship thing… They were asking me which hospital I intned to take up sponsorship with… I was telling them KKH… or SGH… however, she kept on telling me to consider CGH first before any others coz it is still near where i stay and is also within walking distance… I had also mentioned TTSH, however, she wasn’t that supportive either… coz she doesn’t like TTSH i gues… anyways, I’ll be making a trip down to CGH HR Dept to see if i can get the sponsorship form… anyways, today’s NDP 2004 parade is somewhat different from the previous years.. anyways, the performance this year is not exactly an improvement from the past… and one thing is i do not like the design of the motivator’s costume… it just doesn’t look good for the guys to be in tank tops… some of them look ugly… while others looks just alright… but still i find that the ladies costume – the collar tee, looks good…



  1. juz follow ur heart where u wana get d sponsorship from k.. u will be d one working at tat place for 3yrs.. not them.. cgh is juz a waste of time if u intend to climb high lo.. beta go to a place u like.. remember tat.. dont be like a idiot again like wat u did.. study IT..


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