Guess… tomorrow will be the day for the attachment lioaz… now going to bed… but before i do.. just feel like saying… I hope everything will be a fresh start and do hope that I will enjoy myself.. yeah! make new friends, visit old friends (those who know me from Ward 44 in 2001), and last but not least enjoy myself with my classmates… yeah! Life is always full of suprises!

Hmm… I am a real slacker for the past few days been slacking like crazy… ever since Friday… I have so far slacked for 3 days yeah… may not seeem to be a lot… but I still think that it is a big deal… lolz… Anyways, I’m gonna start my engines again tomorrow… Well I guess i got quite a bit of stuff to work on now… Need to prepare for tomorrow’s stuff then later take a shower and chat a bit before heading for bed…

Anyways, last night, received a questionaire e-mail from belle… quickly answered it and sent back… received the replies this morning… Hmm… looks like my observations skills are really put to practise… coz i love to observe humans.. lolz… hmm… one thing i really feel like telling her is that… my reason for telling you i prefer to remain single is that well.. sometimes we have to let go when it’s time to or when somethings is not ours… that remains true all this while…

I guess I’m able to reply to the e-mail becoz you really treat me as a friend and it was really easy for me to answer those questions for one my mind is unclogged…. I must say that I have actually removed you from my MSN contact as a way to forget you and the events that occured also as a way for me start a fresh… and during my ISP I made many friends… Thus, it was easier for me to forget these happenings…

If you think that what I am saying here is a little hurtful… my apologies… i guess it’s time u let go too.. coz when something is not yours, you will really need to let it go… There is no point holding a torch for someone whom you like while he/she doesn’t like you (in general)… anyways for me… I may be holding a torch for that someone in Aust… but I still treat her as a friend… even though I don’t think much abt being with her… afterall i have my life goals to achieve.. and being single is something which i come to enjoy… the freedom of not being tied down in a relationship… anyways, sometimes… i resign to fate that it wants me to be single… hahaz… coz i also think that i am not ready for any relationship… It’s just the same thing like what i have said – to let go… I understand your kindness and wish you all the best in your endeavours… and i hope to let you know that we have not even got on the road… I maybe a bit ruthless in saying all these… but i think it should hit myself with some sense… lolz…

Maybe time will tell… but I believe you should have forgotten abt the past and could move forward and my apologies that I have given you nigthmares… but sometimes, if you like someone, it is still best to tell them… not to shun from them… that is what i have really learnt over the years of rejections and stuff like that… you are the 2nd person out of 5 so far that I have spoken to straight in the face that ‘I like you’..

As of now… there is no one in my mind… it’s only to score in my studies…


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