just finished reading my comic… – DDS Bk 15.. yeah, the day was filled with lots of excitement… there were many different cases today and i’ve seen two discharges of patient – not really… as well as learnt a lot more abt the hospital duties of a Staff Nurse… anyways, saw the lectuer today… didn’t like her looks coz she has this wicked look… but overall.. i still find her very knowledgeable… i think i should be able to work well with her… but am keeping my hands cross coz she has not approached me to question me… while the other 5 ladies from Yr 1 has gone under her knife…

went out with Thomas in the late afternoon for tea… was very enjoyable and we chatted till ard 6pm before going to get some shopping stuff then went home… so fed up with the train disruption… coz i wasn’t sure if i could get home in time for dinner.. lolz… anyways, didn’t know that mum did not cook dinner… if i had known, i would have taken dinner out as well..

hmm… time is passing very quckly… time to ask Dax for the edited photos which he still has not e-mail to me… haiz… dun know when i can send them to pasir ris polyclinic for mum and the other nurses… sianz… so happy gonna meet my mei this sat… but not confirm yet… anyways no SJAB training thus i can back school lib find the test papers liaoz…


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