i guess. losing a friend is good enough for me to feel sad… I mean… I am not showing it in the fore-front, but it hurts deep inside me… Anyways know this person for just 5days and then its a missing case…

I know him thru friendster on Sunday… guess it was fate that we chatted and became friends… It’s like a miracle how fate can make you know someone for a while and then lose the person in a few moments… I guess, from the 5days, I did not cherish knowing this person, except that were were of the same height and somehow share the same characteristics…

But as of now, I don’t want to care about what fate is going to do to me… I just wish him all the best in his endeavours and I hope that I don’t make any enemies at all in the near future coz there isn’t any in my list… and he is just the only lost friend on the “lost” list..

anyways, I wish that those that I have irritated or made angry by reasons which are partially or fully or sometimes not even my fault, I hope that they will be friends with me again and they will forgive me… that’s all i hope for… coz I realise that I don’t want to regret what i have done only when I lost a friend…


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