‘After all, what is in the past except what we choose to remember? They can choose not to hide it, to take what’s broken, to feel the pain and know that it will heal.

They know where happiness lies, not in a cave or a country, but in love and the freedom to give and take what has been there all along’

This was from an e-mail which i received from a friend who forwarded this interesting quote to me today…

Anyways, went for a long stroll along esplanade after my attachment today.. just got back and decided to do some blogging… Afterall, today was a eventful one with lots of things to say.. first off… started the morning fresh… went to the ward with a blank mind… and did managed to stay focus afloat the recent happenings… and apologied to Carol for the misunderstanding… then, in the ward, later in the day, my sore throat got worse… there after, spoke to Susan Loh as she was speaking to me… She questioned me abt my patient and… I guess was lucky to be able to answer her query well… then, I went for my break… after that, I returned then I did off plug the second time for a patient… as well as changing drip for the first time… it was really fun… but, did not let Susan know coz she will surely scream.. coz we were not allowded to do mahz… anyways, was under supervision…

after my break, while i was entering the pantry to get something, Sister Lu spoke to me… She asked me what score i got for my O levels, and I told her 23… Then she asked me what was my language score, told her… then she said, you should have got into Mass Comm… lolz… anyways, told her that I still prefer Nursing… coz I may want to do writing in the near future from a patient’s point of view of life stories that surround the hospital setting…

then, at ard 1.30pm, we went to meet Susan… she was happy to see us, also dun know why… then we started the so called conference… We wanted our feedback abt how we felt abt the attachment and what we dislike… after which, she signed out clearning objectives… and we went on to present our Case Study for the 2nd time… coz she wanted to hear what we had talked abt… though i have decided to leave that out for my blog… otherwise, if i were to put it… i guess it will be like an essay… lolz…

after the conference was finally over – abt 3pm, she signed our learning objectives and I had a private chat with her… and she was telling me that she had received good comments abt my ISP, but would hope that I could update my learning objectives properly so that when in the near future, should i want to further my studies, I can use that as an attachment. She told me that I could be a very good Nurse from my enthusiam in my clinical as well as the feedback (i’m not exaggerating… duh…) and i was telling her that I don’t intend to stay here for long.. intend to do travel hopping… She just tell to wait and see… Coz, I may progress fast if I were continue with my current enthusiam in learning…

Anyways, while i was doing my stroll… I was actually sitting at the railing near the end of the esplanade thinking about the recent events… Some of them seem to left behind tell tale signs which were overlooked at the point before the events has actually happen which were often overlooked by myself… I just hoped that i have been not too complacent, and had taken note of them… before it became too late… Anyways, whatever has been done is already done… I just wish, I can really be more cautious of the things i do in future… I don’t wish for history to repeat itself… It’s just too much… and with so much open wounds… I’m not too sure how long it will take before the bleeding stops… But somehow, sometimes, it is really good to forgive the person for the wrongdoings as well as to apologise to those whom you have wronged or misunderstood… as well as those who blame you for nothing… coz somehow… no one is at fault though someone maybe.. does it really matter? to me it still doesn’t really matter… having one lesser problem is still better than having another problem…


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