been not having any good appetite over the past 2 days… wonder if that was due to me having a heavy tea or due me still trying to wash away what that has been left behind as a lost memory… Somehow, I just find it hard forgetting that I once had a friend called Thomas…

It’s just how fasinating, I can come to know him thru friendster and end up losing him after just a simple but crude reason – i don’t want keep in contact with you…. Somehow, it did stunned me coz somehow we clicked very well like long lost friends… lolz… coz we shared the same character traits… I hope that i can just somehow shuffle this into the back of my mind as a dream instead of in reality which would be easier for me to forget…

anyways, I have been literally forgiven for all my bad deeds… coz I was forgiven by belle for the incident… which ends up with someone impersonating her… and it’s a sign of relief… with no more enemies… except that I have lost someone… I guess it just happens like how one of the patient left bahz… I just did not get to see his last look though i was the person who did turning for his yesterday morning and he passed away in the early hours of the day…

I hope that over the next few days, I can take the time to really consider what direction I want to take from here as well as to start writing a new inspiration… I believe that I have began to understand from him the following: to be friendly, understanding, caring, kind and treasure what you have… it’s becoz I have come to know him and lost him thru fate as a friend that I come to realise these values… which in a way, he has taught me these… just wish him luck in his future endeavours… like what his said, it’s just a way of life…

to look on the brightside of life, I feel that I am happy to get distinction for my clinical… I really enjoyed my stay in the ward as i got to learn a lot from the staff and also observed how certain procedures were done and perhaps in the near future I willl be able to administer them though i had some hands on with assitance…


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