went to see the Doc before heading to school at ard 10am… then in school passed Dina 3 packs of sweets for the people in Wd 44, staff and students to eat… hahaz

anyways, went to the library to search for past yr exam papers… did managed to find them, but could not e-mail them back coz the system is not working properly… thus, spend the rest of the time chatting and reading with Dina and her classmates… duh… time pass very quickly then left at 11.30am for Orchard… coz meeting my mei for movie at GV Plaza for Garfield at 3pm… then reached orchard early, went to Isetan and Borders to look at toys and books before heading to Centrepoint McD for lunch…

after the movie spend the afternoon walking along orchard rd until 6.30pm before heading home… the day was auite enjoyable, but still my mind is not exactly with me where i go… It still has some hidden thoughts in me…

I’m dead tired now… will probably go to sleep soon… wonder when the day will come… when i become worry free… anyways, tml need to start my revision and monday will be back in school!


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