I wonder why i’m feeling lost… maybe becoz I’m still depressed… anyways, news spreads very quickly that i got quite a high mark for my clinical attachment… <- I scored 82… I don't think it's becoz I know the sisters, coz it's the way i had presented myself i guess to have allowded myself to get this grade. However, I'm not exactly happy about it at all… coz there isn't anyone to really share my joy with… how i wish he was around… so I can celebrate… hahaz (other than some of my classmates and friends)… anyways, i just received an sms from Dina that bed 41 has left this world on last Saturday… I wish him all the best on his way to the neverland… though, come to think of it, I really don't know what to say about this patient… but just that I wish you all the best… and though you may have given us lots of problem during your stay… I guess, you were patting my back while i was in NYP – outside the BioScience Lab today ard 10am ++… like a signal to say to me that you have gone… I hope that your wife will be able to look on the bright side of life… Anyways, this is a little salute to you!

I wasn’t very happy in school today, still feeling a little depressed, but I could still bring myself to stay focused in class for the lessons… and have began writing the story as well.. I guess i should be able to complete it very soon… on the other note, I’m going on with my daily life as per normal, slowly adjusting back to school life…

Had my middle left finger pricked in the morning for the Bio lab pract… till now it still feels painful, though the blood should have started to clot… I’m not so sure why, and Hanafi’s gonna challenge me to swim laps in 1 month’s time… guess I’m gonna start training up soon… probably from next week… coz this week still need sometime to adjust back to normal and also due to the 1 week school’s holiday for the primary & secondary school students…

I guess, forgetting someone will be really easy, whether you had the feelings for the person or not, however, if he/she has left you a good impression, i guess it’s kinda hard to forget them… and it’s a way of saying “Friendship is made in the heart, Silence. Unwritten. Unbreakable by distance. Unchangeable by time. Once a friend, always one.” that is what i really believe… and it is always true…


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