2004/09/10 – update 2

heyz… hmm.. i’m listening to Singapore Hit Awards 2004 (SHA) now thru y.e.s. 933. and surfing the body shop website – it has just been revamped. hmm, you ought to be thinking, why am i not doing my revision rite? basically, It just doesn’t want to sink into my brain… so… i guess i will get a bad grade now… i guess… not too sure at the moment, but i feel like a pressure-cooker to continue with my revision… not that i am complacent… but it just doesn’t sink in even after i came back and took a nap… earlier on, i went to Bugis Junction to shop ard and found out that Books Kinokuniya has just began a new membership scheme – it allows you to get 10% off you purchases with a yearly subscription fee of SGD$21.. i would say it is a bit steep at this point in time… but nevertheless, if i happen to be buying lots of books there then i will be sure to apply for the membership…

anyways, I decided to blog abt facial products today, not abt the normal thing lolz…. this is what i am doing now for my facial regimen… I believe it is nothing wrong for a guy to be putting some time into skin care… but not as much as what women’s does… and i have seen before guys using blushes… back in TP, i know of a friend whom i suspect uses blushes.. lol, everytime i see him for the tutorial class of FCSOS (Fundamentals of Computer Systems and Operating Systems), i will notice this light pink glow on his cheeks… anyways, i don’t really bother asking why.. coz it doesn’t bother me… why on earth would i be interested in knowing what people put on their faces… anyways… that’s something to highlight… hahaz…

now… back to my topic…

Lip Care

– Vitamin E Lip Care Stick SPF 15… (guess i should try the Vitamin C SPF 15 Lip Care Stick – not sure if SG has it though)

Face Care

– tea tree oil Daily Fomaing Facial Wash

– Sage & Comfrey Blemish Gel

– tea tree oil Mattifying Moisture Gel

– Garnier Light SOS dark spot-corrector pen (for my dark spots <- so far it is working well)

Twice Weekly Face Care

– tea tree oil Face Mask

– tea tree oil Facial Scrub

Body Care

– Satsuma Shower Gel

– tea tree oil Body Scrub

Products am considering

– tea tree oil Daily Cleaning Wipes

– tea tree oil Blemish Stick

– tea tree oil Nose Pore Mask

– Protect It! Sun Lotion for Body SPF 25

– Care for It! After Sun Lotion for Face and Body

– Vitamin E Hand & Nail Cream

– Foot Care products (not sure yet)

i think that’s abt it.. hahaz… hmm.. seems like i have been spending a lot of time on my skin care lately… i guess it’s really important to do that especially when you are in the health care line since your body is being exposed to bacteria and it is definitely important to take care of your skin and feet… especially your limbs since you will need to take care… coz I feel that these are very important parts which help you to work…


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