wonder what i’m thinking abt now in my mind… but definitely blogging in the ePlaza now… also dun know what to write… but kinda pissed off with myself… and thinking abt whether i will be skipping lectures later to run home to do revision for the psychology revision… anyways, will probably skip the 4pm lect… while attending the earlier 2 lectures… anyways, also dun know whether Hanafi has passed Shahrifah the landyard… for booking of the library room on Sat for grp discussion tomorrow after the psychology test…

Just had my lunch abt 1hr plus ago… was sitting alone coz there wasn’t much space left.. and they were already squeezing…. anyways, left right after i finish my yong tau foo… and went to the ePlaza which is where i am now to search for the past yr papers…. anyways, now feel like sleeping liaoz… so sianz…. I wonder what i should do now…. coz did not bring my psychology lect notes then feel llike running home now to do revision… but am afraid that if i do that, my attendance will be deeply affected… coz now i already got some subjects which i have already skipped without valid reasons… still thinking…


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