hmm today tried having a Nasal-Gastro Tube (NGT) inserted into my stomach… just wanted to have a feel of how the patient’s feel when they have such a thing inserted into them… I find that with this insertion into my stomah, it had actually somehow knocked some sense into the mystery which i have not been able to understand… as to why patients go on restrainers when they are on NGT feeds and why i had this patient pointing at me and said something like cruel… basically, these are just some reflections to the mysteries…

the feeling of having something inserted into your stomach makes you feel uncomfortable especially when you feel uneasy as if something is stuck in my throat… and the inserting part is real tough… and i think some of the girls felt like vomitting and they saw my excretion of milk… lolz.. it was becoz i had HL milk in the morning about less than 1hr before i came to school… Guess that was the reason why there was an excretion of milk…

As for how i felt having this tube stuck in my tummy for like 1hr plus… i felt great… except for the uneasiness in the throat where i was turning… the tube somehow.. due to the muscle reflexes and didn’t like the idea of lying 180 degree down on the bed… would prefer a 45 degree prop up position on the bed… and it’s my second time lying on the bed… anyways, tml will be having sociology test.. and lessons will end at ard 2pm.. yay! only 2 lessons… morning from 8 – 10 and 1 -2 for the test… should be back home early to continue with my bio science…

and… somehow… I feel good after the NGT was removed… and started to practise tube feeding since we will be tested on that next week… it’s very fast… and, i hope to do well… hmm, I’m glad that i at least passed the psychology test with a D… not that good… definitely need to work harder… but still, tml sociology… I hope for an A…


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