Went to school late… duh… abt 10mins late for class coz i left house at 7.20am… then took 969 down.. coz it is faster than the train as well as 72… though i need to take the train 2 times… from my hse to tampines and from Khatib down to YCK…

Anyways, did tube feeding practice today… as usual, then after the 2 hrs pract, went to McD for Breakfast with Su and my xiao mei… the ladies had HotCakes while i took Big Breakfast… then after which we saw the 3 sisters… who joined us there… then after chatting for a while we left… and proceeded to the Swimming Complex.. Didn’t bring my trunks, only Su went for a swim while i just did some sociology revision there with my xiao mei while chatting with Su… as well as lil sun tanning… was there for abt 2hrs before we left for the Lt to take our sociology test… the paper was tough… as i managed to spot 2 deadly mistakes while doing my 2nd reading… and i hope i can get a B… definitely tough to get an A… and Hanafi was very bad today to replay what he did last Sat… just that today i was sitting next to Shahrifah and he just made a fool out of himself… after i completed my papers, i felt sleepy and fell asleep for ard 5mins before time was up and then went home… As i reached the YCK station, noticed that there was a train disruption.. then decided to take bus with my xiao mei then change to 67 at Coronation Plaza there… took 67 to Kallang MRT before changing to train…

One thing to say, to those who think that me and my xiao mei behave like a couple, please take note that we are not… and i am not interested in her… duh… how many times do i have to say that… i think lots of times already… anyways, whatever it is, my conscience is clear that there is nothing between us… just good friends…


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