hmm… finished lesson at 5pm today… went out and saw the Fazael and Afiq… noticed that Fazael was holding a lit cigarette… approached him to asked him when he started puffing… from there i noticed that he is a social smoker… that means he doesn’t smoke often… Guess, he is really stressed or bothered with things to have taken up Smoking… which i think is bad…

Anyways, talked to Sharina who is working at McD and noticed that she is a heave smoker… and was telling her abt how she could go abt quit smoking since she has a boyfriend who doesn’t smoke and suggested what Trippy did to try to stop herself from puffing thru using the Nicotine pad… however, wasn’t suggesting that to her, but rather, was telling her to cut down one stick per 2 – 3 months… and since her Bf cares for her, she might as well treasure it and work it out with her bf… what she needs is for her to slowly quit smoking…

Am happy that she has finally returned back to class for lessons <- which is a good thing…

Anyways, got nth much to say except that people around me are wierd today, especially Belle group… afterall, dun know what is in their mind and i don’t really bother… anyways, gonna start on my written assignment over the weekend and complete the BioScience thing on Bones by the weekend… time is running out liaoz…


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