hmm… my mind is still in wonder space… lolz… Maybe an alien in coming hahaz… Managed to touch a bit on the bones part… at least a little bit during the evening… not going to do much revision for tonight.. maybe late at night… not now… Gonna blog this first…

Went for Archery Workshop at Potong Pasir with my Juniors and Miss Dawn today as part of the SJAB activity – which the cadets will get an Archery Badge… <- that is cool!

Anyways, all went well and i also learnt a bit about archery… just the basics of shooting… too bad i did not hit the bullseye… For those interested in Archery, they can refer to Pasir East CC, Kampung Ubi CC, Keun Bahru CC, Sembawang CC and Geylang Serai CC for the Archery Course. Course fee range from $36 – $65 a month.

Went for lunch at McD with Miss Dawn and some of the cadets… Hmm… poor Miss Dawn, had to treat us.. hahaz… Anyways, can’t post any pics online now coz no one brought the Digi Cam and thus had to buy a disposable camera for use.. And Ashley still owes me my pic… lolz

That’s all folks… Till another day… hahaz


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