am i really a pain in the ass to the class? Hahaz… i really dun know… But somehow, after reading the class blog… it finally makes me think…. i guess i have spoken too much… yet again… I’m someone who speaks my mind out to everyone if i think there is a need to… even towards my lecturers… I will speak my mind out… Coz, that is me… to make me change that… may not be possible… but somehow, I’ll still question people during discussion when i think there is a need to… that is how we learn and point out one another’s mistake… To keep quiet may mean that you will not exactly learnt… it’s only when u speak your mind out to ask questions, that is when you will learn as well as to clarify your doubts… but not to ask nonsensical questions… i think i will work on asking only impt questions and not stupid ones i think they are stupid… i will just ask after class then…

As for voicing out my opinion… maybe I’ll ask the lectuer after the class if there is a need to clarify my doubts… since no one is keen on me sharing my thoughts… Not that i am a person who is so idiotic, but i want to clarfy my doubts as well as others. Not to rub shoulders with the lecturers to get better marks… it is more of the way you approach your case and work your way out… I hope over the next 1 month… these can be implemented and hopefully everyone will get easy with me.. with these minor changes taking place… as for my xiao mei.. I need to think of how best for me to deal with her… so that people will not think that we are dating… since she has made up her decision and I also want to make it clear to her my stand point of somethings… and i would respect her decision… afterall.. we need to respect those people we care for… and let them choose their life paths… anyways, every rejection is a new chapter in life… and we have to move on and learn from our mistakes…


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