blogging from my friend’s home now… hahaz…sianz, today whole day didn’t do much… morning go SJAB training then afternoon come home sleep coz got a headache then after that go my friend hse… hahaz, later go home sure need to pia Bio Science lioaz… still got a bit more to complete before Monday then somemore i will also need to make sure that I commplete the Acad Writing before Ms Norain kill me… ah… told her i almost complete liaoz… blehz… that’s all folks!

Update: Hmm… Called Hanafi before i left my friend’s place… told him to send me the ICA stuff to forward to the ladies.. blehz, guess where the file went? Into the TRASH! God bless… didn’t know that will happen… lolz… Guess Yahoo! Mail has just got over powerful… lolz… Gonna clear 2 interventions tml morning as well as rush to complete my Bio Science… aiming for a B… if worse a C…


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