hmm… didn’t go school today coz only 1hr lect and also becoz of the ongoing test for NGT, I needn’t go school at all… Anyways, I just settled down after a shower and is now back to blog… hahaz, went to JYSS today to find Ms Quek… chatted with her for a while before i went to find Ms Ross in 3E5.. Then she told me she got a lot of work to do and would not be able to go down to the HQ to buy the first-aid pouch… however, she passed me some cash to buy them on her behalf. However, that was after school which ended at ard 2.35pm. Before that, I went to the school hall to watch the smoking act3 show… very interesting… hahaz

after school, saw my juniors, then went to the bus stop after Ms Ross pass me some cash then i saw Hong Wei and Eugene… Then took the bus with them to the Interchange and then took the train down to Lavender. Walk to HQ buy my SGT rank and the 3 First Aid Pouches. Haiz, if i had know earlier, i should have asked Hong Wei to meet me at Simei MRT after i return from HQ so that I can ask him help me bring the pouches to school… anyways, doesn’t matter… I’ll be making a trip down to JYSS tml… on my way back, I saw Alex, was heading to the beach rd hawker centre to collect the carabiner from the store he placed an oder of 100 pcs. Too bad for him, the shop was not open… then we took the train back… along the way discuss abt the next eClassOnline gathering… which we aren’t sure who is gonna be doing the planning… hahaz

then, after that went home to sleep, then evening went out with my friend… then on the way back saw Des & Dao Jin… looks like they too have some changes other than Dao Jin saying i changed a lot… hahaz… exchanged contacts and i left the train at Simei… that’s my day…


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