sometimes saying a good morning and a good night can make wonders to people’s life… which i believe in being very true… anyways, enough of my crapping here…

hmm, got to know the HS1036 result for the 2 theory papers – got 2 C grade <- not really happy though… anyways, I'm hoping for a B grade for overall which i think is achieveable as long as my recent NGT pract test was done well… anyways, keeping my fingers crossed abt it.

Apart from that, the day was tiring, even before Ms Tong’s lesson started at 3pm. So sad, she won’t be taking us for next year… anyways, whatever it is… we will still have to carry on with our lives. Yeah, went for 1hr of solid swimming and completed 20 laps(20x50m)… of which the last 4 laps(4x20m) were continuous, apart from the usual 2 laps non-stop (2x50m)… Kinda relaxed from the heavy day when i went for the swim… which began at 1715 to 1815. Coz Dr. Ponraj ended the lecture 1 hr early… anyways, was already entertaining the though of skipping 1 hr lect… which means attending 1 hr and skipping the next… anyways, that’s all folks… and to those who still think i like Jessica, sorry.. that is history… and even if you mention her name infront of me… it still makes no diff… coz she is just my lil sis.


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