Granola Bars

Granola Bars… hmm, I just went with my mum down to Fairprice to do some groceries shopping and the idea of this Quaker Granola Bars came into my mind… bought a box of 10 Choc flavour ones. Am thinking about snacking after my swimming on a trial to see how much these snack bars do in filling up the stomach. As well as on days when we don’t have our breaks until like 2pm when our lessons begin from 8am in the morning… just for an example -> Tuesday.

Hey, don’t get the wrong idea that i am slimming down or cutting down on my food intake… which i will never do unless i think i need to trim down… at the moment, my appetite goes along with my mood swings… i eat a lot only when i’m happy… when i’m unhappy…i’ll end up eating little and have little snacks… <- bad… haha

Anyways, going to submit my HS1026 on Friday. And revisions will begin full swing tomorrow… And, swimming will continue as per norm except for Wednesday where I should be going to the Gym… that’s my plan for this yr… next sem, will see more changes to my variety of exercises… i think…

Attended the How to ACE your Exams talk this afternoon and took up some tips… which i find useful as well as liking the idea of having a pouch infront of our exam desk to put our wallets and mobile phone… for NYP… coz we don’t have that in TP… and.. it’s really good to be allowded to bring in drinking water… as for whether we can leave the hall after we are done with the papers? Not too sure about that yet…

that’s all folks… tomorrow sch’s in the afternoon…


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