hmm… went for a Swim during the 7hrs break.. swam 10 laps and tanned under the sun for 1hr before heading to UOB Orchard to apply for the TX Acc as well as to update some banking stuff… waited for 1hr 30mins before i was served by the staff.

Overall was a nice experienced as I was asked to apply for Visa Mini Debit, Phone Banking as well as a Uni Card… lolz… too many things for me to handle… then decided to only apply for Visa Mini Debit only… coz too many cards also not good.. somemore now i already got the Campus Card Acc which i heard is now only for those in the Uni, coz the eligibiliy has changed. And the lady was also suprised that i go all the way to Orchard Rd to do my banking… lol. I guess the new rules came into effect only recently… anyways, I usually travel to Orchard area, and it is along the way so to speak since i need to travel from the East to the North everyday for school…


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