today was bad… ate in class and got scolded… hahaz… not by Ms Tong… but by Tze Xing… coz i was muching away while the other group was presenting… not on purpose but to keep myself awake… coz been not getting enough sleep and exercising to keep myself awake… but in class… can’t take it and fell asleep… and tried to keep myself awake by muching… but didn’t help at all 😦

anyways, swam 10 laps today within the 30mins time frame left the pool and saw Suraidah and Jessica along the Sports Complex corridor sitting at the benches there… doing psychology revision… so hard working… and i didn’t realise they were looking for me at the Pool coz i think by the time they reach i was already in the bathroom showering… anyways, had 30mins left and sat with them to stare at them doing revision… and muching away… that was befroe Ms Tong’s Lesson…

that’s my day… slept thru Dr. Ponraj lesson for the last 20mins… when he touch on Cell Genetics.. and started my Sociology revision… hopefully i don’t sleep thru Mr Lim SA’s lesson tml… otherwise.. i’m gonna have nightmares…


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