Wonder what’s up in my mind now??

Basically… today’s blog is gonna be a little long…

Thinking about getting a bike to cycle from home to the MRT station
everyday on my way to school as well as when i’m on attachment and not
to forget swimming… (during my vacation i can bike to the pool)

duh… been cramming Bio into my brain since 1330… till 1800… then
am back to it at 2000 til 2230… gonna continue until abt 0230 or
0300… just taking a break now and blogging thru Gmail coz Blogger is
does not allow me to log in again 😦

Look into getting V600… and V620 is out… duh… V600 is good
enough and has this USB Blue Tooth thing which allows transfer of
files if you have not enough file space and works just about the same
way as E398(not sure if this is the phone) which has this memory card

Saw my ITE Bishan classmate Farhan as East Point BK with his bro and
bro’s girlfriend… chatted with them for a while and found out lots
about what happened since i left Bishan.. haiz… sad sad… too many
events liaoz… hope can go for the prom night that they are
organising.. hahaz… to visit my friends of course… anyways, glad
to hear that everyone is doing fine… but stressed up.. like me… 😦

Community Project…
Am anticipating a good pick up in site visitors which this community
project i am working on with Neocards.us. And will maybe set up an
eStore to sell those holo rares instead of putting them up on eBay for
auction… still considering… anyways, it won’t be a profitable
project… as it is non-profitable and runs on ads…


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