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I have planned out a list of to-dos for this coming holidays…


Gonna start writing one Blog Novel… for the National Novel Writing Month and the storyline will be updated over at


A CNB advertortial design competition i am giving my hand in trying… to see how well my desings skills are…


4 – 5 Short Stories to be written… Yeah… stories have been outlined… just needs to be written.. As well as one of my current works will be submitted to the editors of Behind the Screen Vol 2 should it get chosen…

Cross Stitch

Gonna work on a second piece of Cross Stich from the Precious Moments Baby Collection…


Will be updating the TCGpedia as well as doing up the eCommerce section of the site for running in Year 2005. Currently underway will also be a new layout.

Zoo Tycoon 2

Will be buying this game when it gets released in Singapore… most likely in Dec 2004.


Yeah… suppose to be learning to cook that…. should be done the week after my exams over at Amanda’s place bahz…


Should begin my Cross-Training soon… And maybe Yoga this year? Not that sure… but Jogging should begin soon as well as the resume of Swimming training sessions…


yeah… what abt today… got backlashed by some people for bringing the Digi cam to take pics… anyways… the aim was initially to take pics of the whole class… but ended up taking pics of the role play… and it kinda reminded me of the cultural CME role-play i did with my class back in 2002…

On my way back home.. i slept thru the whole trip and ended up waking up only when i reach Pasir Ris when the train is already moving out of the station… i have over shot by 3 stops… yeah… see how tired i was from sleeping at 2am and waking up at 6.25am to be exact… yeah and was late for lesson as usual…

so… had a good afternoon doing Bio until now… now i’m left with 3 more chapters to complete and yeah… received a couple of cards from the USA today… sorted them out and would say that the Neocards Community Project is going very well at this point in time… but it is still too early to say how well this will go…


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