A new life?? not exactly… was chatting with my classmate on ICQ
today and explain to her my view of the recent photo-taking
accident… anyways, after I did some explaination (which i do not
want to reveal) she kind of understood what i meant and basically… I
don’t think there is a need to re-visit the case… coz what is more
important is to finish the exams… and let them be… afterall…
this is life… you don’t like what you see then don’t see… You have
the right not to see what you do not want to see even if it means
seeing someone nude… basically, I’m not pissed off or anything…
this is an open-society… people are born as well as die by the
minute… around the world…

Anyways, enough of my blabbering… send off my cousin to US this
morning, didn’t blog last night coz i slept at 0200 and was very tired
when i woke up at 0600… to get to the Airport… and had 3 naps
throughout the day… and did my Sociology revision as well as printed
the relevant questions from my series of past year papers to work
on… It’s gonna be a long night tonight… gonna go burn again till
0200 again i think…

Went out in the afternoon to get the Hannah and the Ice Caves tcg
boosters <= no holo rares… 😦 from the 4 packs i bought… and Times
is still under renovation and Century Square has very little shops but
seems very crowded… Apart from that… I’m basically doing my
revision throughout the day… am hoping for the exams to be over very
quickly… no time to loose for this holiday means i got a lot of
things to complete… 🙂 Yeah! Lots of projects on hand… if you
recall from my previous list…


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