Went to spotlight last night to get some cross-stitch material for my X’mas gifts… this year will begin with some cross-stitch to give to friends as cushion covers. My afternoon was spent with my juniors in JYSS training them for the FA competition… a real problematic day with them… their standard has fallen and with the rain… had to train them under the shelter which also meant lesser space for all.. Luckily Regina, Bambang and their friend – a fellow SJAB member from another sch came to help out. Next week will be more hectic with 4 day of different events in school… -> meeting those who did not attend training, competition training and CCA Fair 05 meeting… which will keep me busy for a while… am also done with Neocards’s planned projects… which is a good sign… however, still got a lot more other stuff to complete as well as clearing out my old comics… wonder if there is any shop that buys in comics… hmm…


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