I guess blogger has been facing lots of problems ever since the Blogger Phenomenon took off and since the beginning of mid 2004… that is what i can recall… right now i am into the 15th month of blogging… phew… that’s a long way… anyways this coming week will be yet another of the busy ones… with 4 days of SJAB training… which includes lots of planning for 2005.. inclusive… will be getting an evaluation of 2004’s training done on Wed thru gathering feedback from juniors on Mon thru Wed… so that I know what to expect for 2005… anyways am still nt sure whether I will be requesting for a change in my timetable to fit my Friday training hours… will work that out closely with my lecturer… so see the feasibility there…

Apart from that… went down to Amanda to find her Precious Moments figurine – There is Snow place like Home… we found it at last at Precious Thots – Bugis Junction… the figurine is for her friend… anyways… i would say we are lucky to have found it… coz all stores which her frined called up has replied with no stock… we had wanted to go to Bugis first but ended up went there last… and she owes me lunch for this…

coz she said that Bugis was small and would not likely be carrying the item… anyways luck was on us to have found this nice limited edition figurine. And we alos went around Suntec to get my flip flop… which ended up a little too tight… 😦 will be getting a new pair and no intention to do an exhange coz it costs $2.90… most likely asking her to buy me the new flip flop which should be ard $5.90 then this one pass to her… in a way is exchange plus using the new pair she buying for me as X’mas Gift…

went for BBQ last night at Marina Bay there will my extended family… which includes my cousins and aunts. looking into getting a new drawer for my bag as well as for the Neocards Community Project… coz there’s quite a bit of card that came in and i’m having a headache looking for space to store the cards… 😦 Should be getting one that costs ard $39… and btw at Carrefour saw a 24″ Tigger Plushie (pastel baby style) which costs ard $24 i think… Gonna consider getting one… hahaz


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