wonder what’s up in my mind now… anyways, my mind i pretty pre-occupied with some story works… as well as the 2 x-stitches which i have yet to start… maybe starting my story and X-stitch tomorrow… after i have completed reading my books…

speaking of that.. X’mas is coming soon! Guess.. this yr’s X’mas maybe the same as last year… still thinking abt asking some of my juniors over for lunch… -> me cooking spaghetti… wonder how it will taste… should be as good as what Amanda’s Mum has taught me…

well… today’s community meeting lasted 30 odd mins… and got quite a lot of stuff sorted out… only 8 turned out for the meeting… which means we will be getting quite a bit of cash for our coffers for funding Yr 2005 CCA Fair… yep.. for those who did not attend, they have to pay $5.00… this fund goes to printing of the Yr 2005 Pocket Calendar cards… as well as the A4 posters… and some changes will be done to the committe… anyways… went down to HQ with some of my juniors after the meeting to buy badges… like the new design for pinning… and should be getting a new set to replace my old ones… as souvenir as well as a Adult Cap Badge collar pin.

will need to go down to the post on Fri, coz thurs is closed… to collect the Cards by Kenneth i think coz i wasn’t around when the post man came… i think it is likely due to under-paid postage… gonna be sending him some $1 stamps to prevent such occurance… which is really annoying… coz i am charges an additonal $1 for this.


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