rarely you see me thriving on this topic… but it seemed to have surfaced not too long ago well.. got this piece of news that someone has a crush on me… but… what was my reaction? Well I just shrug it off and told the person that I am not keen in any relationship neither do i fall into one easily… maybe it could have took a blow on her… but still I had to put it that way… that I’m not keen in any relationship be it now or in the future… at least for the next 5 – 8 years…

you will only see romance in the stories i write… but not likely in my real life unless i chance upon someone who I think is truely for me… that is… what i have left in mind to say… still.. it all depends on lots of factors though…

when i was with her… i can sense her trying to inch closer to me… to try to drop a hint or two and even told me via sms that she had a crush on me… but to me… it’s just a crush… nothing more… well.. her good frined also told me that today and that got the piece of puzzle fixed up together… into a clear picture… still I rejected… I have my own dreams, my own aspirations to succed in whatever i want to do in life… and felt that since she will be doing her O levels next year… i rather not get into any relationship with her… and am truely not interested in her… coz she is not my kind of girl anyways… my stand still stands firmly… I’ll reject should i feel a need to… and understanding someone better helps in building up a long term relationship instead of building up one that has no solid foundation and crumbles due to pressure…


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