cooked spaghetti for my juniors yesterday when they came over to my place for lunch cum meeting over the CCA Fair 2005 stuff… anyways, wanted them to be my guinea pigs.. hehe.. and the turn out of the pasta was good… will be cooking again for some other VIPs soon… 😛

anyways, Monday, my juniors came over to play Monopoly… then Wed was to play RISK -> borroed from Hong Wei…. and today, Joel came over with Sharon and i bought them lunch… and we saw Joey at Popular looking at some books…

then Joel spent the whole afternoon at my place playing Zoo Tycoon and me napping… and Sharon left to meet up with Benjamin… then in the evening we went to meet Connie who was out with Ivan to watch “Shutter” … then went for Dinner with them at Tampines Mall, and Ivan went home before we went for dinner… after dinner went to look for Connie who has gone to e-Zone to play game… … what a day.. lots of events and tiring… and as for chocolates… smsed some friends to take orders since next week I won’t be able to do much sales as I need to concentrate on the CCA Fair stuff and the training programme for 2005 which i need to work out with Regina and Miss Ross… haiz… sianz… still waiting for feedbacks to come in…


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