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2004/11/23 update 2

right now… my mind is a blank… what should I do tomorrow… another blank blank day ahead? Just keeps me wondering what to expect tomorrow… Will be heading down to Wisma Atria tomorrow morning for an Interview… hopefully I get employed to work until end of Dec… which should kill of my boredom from staying home for the past 3 days… it’s really boring to be staying home rotting anyways… I just hate it to the max…

went to collect some stuff from Kathy at Lucky Chinatown today… a nice calendar for 2005 and 1 pen and 1 pencil… lol… then left for Tampines to go Challenger to check if Zoo Tycoon 2 has hit the stores – which as a matter of fact it hasn’t… 😦

well… then have to wait liaoz… sianz… it’s so boring.. hope tomorrow will be a better day ahead then… just wondering what is the best thing to kill time now? Any clue? I’m not too sure… anyways… still got corp planning to complete… might as well get it done now…


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