results out… i did not do as well as expected… welll 1 A, 1B+, 1C & 1 D+… the rest 3Fs

going for remedial lesson tml then the following week Mon – Wed will be taking Supp papers… I’ll be using the weekend – Sat & Sun to do a thorough and quick recap… and focus on the hints should the lecturers be kind to drop some… I don’t want to retake any of these subjects next semester… yeah… and… probably won’t be blogging until Wednesday and neither will i be online for Sat & Sun.. most likely going to White Sands to study for these papers… then maybe go NYP study for the last 2 papers on Mon & Tues… dun know yet… if i appear online it would most probably be at night on Mon & Tues… yeah… that’s abt it…


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