been missing in action for quite sometime now… anyways… will be going for Mr. Loh’s Wedding Lunch later in the afternoon… as for the past few days… been spending time at my corp or with my juniors or outing… was quite enjoyable… but find that there is this missing link at home… coz only grandma is home and i kinda don’t like the feeling of being alone out of a sudden… isolation seems bad at this mix in time… coz grandma is usually out in the morning and comes home only late in the evening… yeah… kinda bored too… not working and stuff… should be starting on my stories soon…

still don’t know if i want to go for the class gathering for Nr0418 on Monday for steamboat… still considering… should have my mind made up tonight bah… went shopping yesterday… walked from Bugis to Suntec to shop for X’mas gifts for 2 out of the 3 people i am suppose to give X’mas gifts… settled Amanda’s and Vincent’s gifts now just left with Sharon’s… possibly giving chocs or something… i guess that’s all i have for blogging… till the next time i blog… dun know when…


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