will be down for the so-called training tomorrow which doesn’t exist but Ms Yip insist… well.. some of the NCOs will be down too.. to discuss the CCA Fair event for 2005… not too sure at this juncture if i will be able to make it though… anyways, whatever it is, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hmm… just completed one or two stories today -> they have been posted live at textWorks. feel free to comment on them… as for those who aren’t aware… I’m write stories to kill time when the inspirations come… coz i happen to be chatting with vincent today and he was kinda stunned that i write stories.. coz only my close friends would be aware of the prescence of me writing stories… Anyways, some of my past works were read by the following people, just to name a few, MSB, Jeremy, Alex, Jasmine, Amanda, Ms Koh, Mr Loh, Some of my friends in NYP as well as some others on the net…

the stories are usually works of fiction excpet for the unusual realisticness that links up with the different apsects of life in me… they are unique in their own world and each tells of a different time in life. I can still recall the encounter with Dawn Tan and while listening to the radio… heard something abt pets.. haha… after visiting a friend of mine who has a dog… my phobia for dogs has slightly been reduced by a little. anyways the doggie is very cute but barks a lot still… when i was at my friend’s place. Anyways the does is a schaunzer (dun know spelled right or not…)

anyways, should be making a trip to IKEA tomorrow since i did not go on Friday at all.. won’t be home in the morning though… should be back in the afternoon after the SJAB “training” + shopping for paints + buying of my new moveable cupboard to store my stuff…


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