been having the crave for some sweet deserts recently… out of the blue… guess it’s due to me skipping either breakfast or lunch since i am rotting at home most of the past few days or because I’m too busy to have a proper meal… well… not really… but today is real hectic… only managed to get some air in the evening…

the morning went to school to meet Ms Dawn to discuss the CCA Fair 05 as well as the Unit Camp 05 in most likely Mar and kinda still don’t know the budget… still waiting for Ms Dawn to give me a reply. Anyways, went to Spotlight to buy some fabric paint as well as fabric to do the banner after I went for Breakfast with my juniors atMcD after the meeting and after my 3hrs trip to and from IKEA before i met my juniors to buy those fabric paint and stuff…

went to my place fixed up the cupboard… did not managed to buy the one i wanted… but something else, and in total i spent $110 today on the cupboard, fabric paint and breakfast as well as dinner…

tomorrow will begin painting since we have done the drawing today. Hope everything goes well and we can start planning for the Noticeboard though the deadline for Noticeboard is on X’mas Day. Am kinda rushing for things to get done as well as to make sure I get the CCA Fair Calendars done soon… just need to wait for Ms Ross to give the go ahead to start printing the calendars… hopefully we can bargain for $50 to print 400 calendar cards.


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