My parents came back from Gold Coast today… they did not managed to find Aero Chocolates in Brisbane… which is in Queensland, Australia. They ended up buying Tolberone and some other chocs for me… anyways… spend the whole day home working on the banner and the tie-dye cloth for the SJAB Noticeboard as well as planning for the T-Shirt, Calendar and training program. The training program has been done up, and should be ready for a final round of change next week when i meet the teachers.

At current, i have yet to find out how much the budget for CCA fair will likely be. Anyways, decided to ask Samantha to help me buy some Aero Chocs – most probably only 2 bars if she is able to find them… She will be flying back this Saturday. Hopefully will be able to get them from her on Sun before she flies off again on Mon or Tues for her 1 week vacation.

Also, thanks to her for telling me that the products are not found in every state which explains partly why my parents were nt able to find the chocs. From what i head, Norliyana will be back tomorrow… wonder if she has got darker… anyways, hope to see her online soon… haha… sch’s gonna start in 3 weeks… really looking forward and hopefully it is going to be gone again as fast as the blink of the eyes… Just hope the next 4.5yrs will be a breeze… anyways school calendar is going to change again… as of just mins ago… there will be yet another round of changes done…


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