been home the whole day today… had wanted to go down to PS to fix the mobile cable.. however was too lazy to make a trip down… thus decided not to.. anyways… had a short chat with vincent as well as exchanged some mp3 and listen to a simple plan song called untitled… btw if you had noticed… i started to play mp3 on my blog… starting off with love me by colin raye… will probably change the songs once a month or something… depends on my schedule… anyways… there is this song by Josh Groban “You Raise Me Up” which is also quite nice… anyways most of the songs are sad songs…

spend the afternoon working on phpBB skins… since i had to start cracking on the codings in order to make some skins for Neocards as well as for my corp forums… which will soon be moving on to phpBB with a new hosting… should be up by next week or before x’mas… still working on it right now…

did quite a lot of fixing up on Neocards for today… more to come with two more templates, including one for my corp will be completed tomrrow. then should begin starting on my basic theory revision liaoz… counting down 19 days to the test…


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