it rained the whole day in parts… went out in the morning to meet a friend for breakfast at Burger King. Then chat for a while until 11am. Then left for Tampines along the way slept in the train ride… Went to Challenger to check out the Starck Mouse by Microsoft. Should be getting it next year. The retail price is SGD$49.90. Should be getting a Blue one to suit my desk colour scheme… and Blue is my fav colour…

spend the afternoon working on NeoCards Forums and updating my Blogs with a standard design later in the evening till about night time. Played a bit of Neopets and chatted with Mindy about some stuff. As well as replying e-mails regarding the Neocards community Project. Amongst other things, check my junk to see which items could be auctioned off eBay. Found about 30 odd items that could be thrown into eBay for Auction. At least they are still worth a useable value and will fetch something better than that of those at Cash Converters and I can use the money to put in the bank.


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