just a thought… do i see a sign of relief near me? basically, not really, why is that so? because, I’ll have to rush to the post tomorrow to mail out the eBay items which raked in approx USD$80.83. Nice amount, however, that is not even enough to cover what i owe for the booster packs which needs to be send out by X’mas… lol… anyways, am working around these pending stuff… I’ll use this money to pay Mindy – approx USD$47.00 and the remaining minus shipping i should get SGD$32.19 left. just an approximate figure and i should be able to off set what i owe Amanda for the gifts for Mrs Lee (already paid and given) + the pendings booster packs.

well… went to school in the moring… was darn early infact reached at about 7.30am. On the dot… again Miss Yip was early… haha… coz of what happened recently when i bugged her for being late… anyways, heck… doesn’t bother me.. thankfully, Afiq & Regina came down today and Khia Seng came along… (a Senior NCO from BNSS)… well, heard of his name before and he is Caroline’s ex-SJAB mate.. haha

Caroline is a Nursing friend of mine who i worked with during the Pasir Ris Polyclinic Attachment. Anyways got quite a lot of stuff worked out today. now still working on them… might go for otc next yr…


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