it has been a rather busy day for me.. didn’t manage to meet up with Samantha today… she got something on.. will be meeting her tmr. Went to the post today to buy some stuff as well as to mail out some… still got 2 items pending mailout and payment. Will be mailing out one tomorrow and the other pending payment. Paid Mindy the US$43.00 and still got some spare change of about SGD$27.00 and i should be using that to clear out my Neocards Community Project stuff.. those 18 booster packs still not mailed out and got some bits of stuff yet to update. Kinda mad at the number of stuff i have yet to finish with…

Also, mailed out those certificates, and i must remb to pass Samantha the GOH photo for Yr 2002 or was it 2001. Anyways, that’s just the final bits to finish up before the year comes to a close…

On the lighter note, had a chat with the Neo Guy… A site monitor, he is kinda friendly… anyways, gave good comments on Neocards… will prolly try to dig more inside info from him… if i get the chance to.. He is older than me by 1yr old… kinda stunned… reason: He is exempted from NS and graduated from Informatics. And is a Site Monitor for Neopets Asia.. bleh.. enough info to make you drool… lol…

Too bad Neo isn’t hiring any more… except for operations in China & USA. Was reading my Men’s HEalth Magazine – Jan 05 issue… kinda getting bored so.. switched to taking a short nap and updating owlery with some updates… and played Neo after I woke up in the evening.Should be back to my driving revision tomorrow. And the test is next week Wednesday. better be quick now… or else no time…! argh! gotta run now… cya peeps!


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