Went to the post to mail out one parcel which i under estimated the postage.. bleh… anyways, that’s the downside of seling things on auction coz I’m too lazy to bring it to the post to weigh…

Anyways, was kinda late for the meeting with Samantha today… arrived at 12nn, yeah.. she was there waiting since 11.30am… didn’t know that… coz was too busy at the Post Office getting my parcel posted. Well, had to thank her for giving me such a big bar of chocolate… though when i opened it for consumption parts of it has gone into lala land… lol… then went to Spotlight to collect my X’mas gift from one of my ex-colleague… Nice one…

went home and started listing stuff on eBay since i’m kinda free and wanna quickly clear out all the junk i have… anyways, also clearing 2 of my beloved Neopets Plushies and placed an order for a set of 28 pieces of Neopets Plushies by McDonalds Singapore. Will be collecting them in early January. Well, may auction them off in November 2005 for charity under Neocards… has yet to decide on which charity the money will go to. Most likley RMCC… after i deduct the postage and the SGD$70… that is… well.. jsut a thought… or i might just keep it for another few more years before putting it up on eBay… still got quite a bit of other junk to clear as well.. which includes some books…

gah… Jeremy passed his Driving Theory, my exam will be next week… still have not completed studying it… will be rushing thru during the weekend…


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