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As the clock struck 12 am… a new day has begun… it’s X’mas Day… well… was busy throughout the wholeday today… beginning in the morning with SJAB meeting at 10am… then went to Times TM to purchase printing paper for the IN-house printing of Pocket Calendar 2005, for my corp CCA Fair 2005. Then in the afternoon, went out to Sakae Sushi with my parents and cousin for lunch, they went shopping as for me i went home straight… to cotinue printing the stuff… then all the way till evening, log onto the net to start doing my work. Did some changes to Owlery as well as added a friends section to link up Darryl’s website – Fallen Haven. The proceeded to upload and change some image posting software into a photo gallery software. Also, removed Blogger Thots & Blogger Photos to replace them with Owlery Gallery.

In the evening, finally got everything done up at 9pm. Then chatted with Darryl about Neopets TCG… and other Neo related stuff… received some feedback on Neocards etc… which i don’t think i need to elaborate on. Anyways, the new 3hrs was mainly surrounding TCG and web hosting as well as chatting on and off with some juniors online plus replying sms-es for Merry X’mas… lol… just too many coming in already…

And e-mailing Mindy abt helping me check on a striped jub jub plushie which one of my classmate is looking for coz SG doesn’t have any Neopets Merch coming in at the moment. Gotta get some rest soon… have a nice day ahead!


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