looks like the clouds are clearing off ahead…

plannings should go running smoothly in year 2005.. got somethings I am keen on buying… but will have to see how my extra budget goes along… for now… my fingers are corssed…

went out with Jeremy today… he was late for the first time… he was late due to the bus breakdown… went to Plaza Singapura to shop.. started from Level 6 down… Drop by Spotlight to say hi to some ex-colleagues and couldn’t find Fazael.. gues he wasn’t working today… then, browse around a bit before going to Times, Best, Song Brothers, John Little… At John Little we looked at Aramis Life… It has a nice smell… might consider buying this… then went down to Level 2 to Espirt to look at some apparels, then level 1… then to Basement 1… browse Action City, OP and Fox Men… Was looking at some clothes… but didn’t suit my tatse… just plain window shopping… went to Carrefour.. browse around the cloths section looking at Burmudas… and games section… didn’t see much… then went over to the store opposite Pizza hut to have some french toast.. not Ya Kun Kaya Toast though…. then head over to take NE line to Outram Park Station to change to EW line…

Back home, ate dinner… got my Rat Pack SBD Avatar from Neopets and then looked at my time table and noticed that tomorrow will only be 1hr of lesson! Planned my schedule for tmr… and off to bed soon!


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