Started the day with a visit to Bugis Juntion as well as the Cash Deposit machines to settle some transactions… To Bugis Junction to shop and have lunch… Drop by Seiyu to look at some clothes and Kinokuniya to look at some comics as well as Magazines and Finance Books…

Reached school at about 12.30pm. Met Su at the ePlaza before heading over to H level 6 for lesson… Saw the three ladies and Erin there… hehe… Shafila remains the same as before, Maliza got preetier… and Nadia got slimmer… lol…

As everyone got to the benches, we started walking towards the tutorial door level and to wisper amongst ourselves as our tutor went over to open the door for us to enter… We started and ended the session with Context Based Learning… i got sabotaged as the leader for this project… which we need to present next week… will be going for swimming tomorrow… during my 4hr break… 2hr for proj and 2hr for sports… will be going for blood donation next week Monday.

Anyways kinda pissed with Ms Ross… wonder when she will be passing me the outstanding $80… which i asked shao Cheng to help me pass the receipt to her… anyways will do it on my own if she doesn’t even meet him tomorrow to collect the receipts… well, wonder what else to say… but except that I’m trying to enjoy my school life and doing my daily routine of Neopets and Blogging and answering e-mails…. will be more focused on e-mails at least until Mar 05..due to my lots of stuff going on with school… will be mailing out my eBay items stuff this weekend… gotta go to sleep now…


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