Went to the bank to update my passbook moments back… Had a bad day today… at least it seems to be one… woke up late… the alarm failed me… got to school late by 10mins… not that bad… left at 7am… anyways, lesson was alright with Cindy Ho… then went for 2h break… ate with friends at South Canteen… ate Breakfast… then… went to the Library to reserve cum loan some new books… Added another Rich Dad book to my list… and a couple into the reservation list… and loan a Scuba Diving book as well… As it seems, there is suddenly a demand for Rich Dad’s books… lol…

After that, went to find Suraidah at outside LT K2. Went there, found a bench sat down to read the book I just loaned. Didn’t speak to Suraidah coz she was busy with group discussion. Then saw Melvin, went over to speak to him for a while… been sometimes since we last really spoke… since 2months ago… lol… Coz of the holidays… haha… Then talked abit about our time tables and clinical lab with Cindy Ho… then after that, around 12.30.. went to find Suraidah… coz his classmates have arrived… chat with Suraidah, Nadia, Shafila & Maliza before I saw Dina. Must say was ages since I last spoke to her…

Then, found out she did very well for the last semester. Chatted for quite sometime until it was time for my lecture and she went for lunch. Then, went for the real boring lecture today. Well, afterwhich took the train home. Didn’t go to the swimming pool.. At least until next week… with such unpredictable weather.

Gonna be adding a Booklist soon… Felt that it’s kinda hard for me to keep track of the books I want to read and which ones I have read… lol. Might or might not blog tonight… depends.


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