Was a real tired day today. Began the day at 9am with 2hrs of Bio Lecture. Then 1hr of Skills Lab… then went for Break… Follow on… after 1 hr of break went to the library for meeting. Then, went for 3hrs of lectures. Ended up having 4small meals of Lunch today. Started with mumching some fruits at 12nn. Then, at 2pm for a Hot Apple Pie. Then returned to the LT… went out again with Nadiah to FJ to buy a Cheese Pancake and a Choclate Pancake. Then went back from Ms Cindy Ho’s Lecture.. another hour passed… then went to McDonalds again to buy small fries. Should have bought large fries instead.. so can share with the rest… hehe

Anyways, that’s how i ended up with 4 small meals today. Well… it’s the temptation to eat that had cuased this… haiz… maybe beocz the brain is too drained… lol… didn’t have much to blog today.. except for some ramblings and should be writing some e-mails tomorrow. And didn’t do much for CBL today… will need to complete that tomorrow night and… in the day lesson at 10am… to 3pm then go SJAB training until 6pm. Then revision on Saturday since Sunday had to go SJAB HQ for Zone meeting…


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