Went over to amanda’s place to collect some VCDs after school today… left early and skipped 3hrs of lecture… coz i wasn’t feeling well… Had mild flu and Sore throat… haiz… went to see doc in the morning at 8.30pm… and missed by Sociology lect… will explain to the lecturer tomorrow… hopefully he will understand coz I didn’t take any MC… then skipped some PHC & Nursing Intervention.. + another 1hr of Sociology Lect… haiz…

Now watching Brother Bear after finishing my revision… will be doing another round of revision later on. Will be geting some new Rich Dad’s book when I get them reserved by the libraries. Then, will be going to looking at what I could go into for investments on eBay…

On the lower note… been busy with school and will be looking into how I could score for my practical test. It’s coming soon haiz… need to practice liaoz…


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